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At Omega Paints, we specialise in supplying top quality concrete sealers and finishes to the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. As a preferred choice for many Australians, it is regarded as more value for money than any other tile, clay brick or garage paint alternative.

Through a strong focus on continuous product development, all of our concrete floor coatings and garage paints are of the highest quality and you won’t find a better product than ours. Its heavy duty properties makes it the top choice for floor surfaces in areas where spillage of common fluids is likely to occur, or for areas where moderate erosion and rust problems could arise.

Our concrete floor sealers and finishes are also suitable for areas of high foot and wheel traffic. In busy public areas or roads, our products can withstand being walked or driven on many times, ensuring that you receive the durable and long lasting product that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Read about each of our concrete coatings in detail below or contact us for prompt expert service and advice on finding the right concrete sealer or finish for you.

Omega High Build Chlorinated Rubber is a single pack air drying Chlorinated Rubber based finish paint. The product is fast

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Water Based Concrete Curing Compound is an acrylic copolymer curing compound for use on freshly laid concrete. It facilitates maximum

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An acrylic sealer for concrete, masonry and other cementitious surfaces. It helps to protect the substrate from ingression of dirt

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Heavy duty, two pack, polyamide cured epoxy coating for floors in areas subject to heavy wear, exposure to chemicals, solvents

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Omega Coloured Concrete Sealer is a premium heavy duty, solvent based finish designed to protect concrete, brickwork, exposed aggregate, stone,

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A premium heavy duty, solvent based finish designed to protect concrete, brickwork, exposed aggregate, stone, pebbles and masonry. The sealant

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