RustBlock Metal Range

RustBlock Metal Range All Prepare Prime Finishing Coatings

The Best In Rust Converters & Protection

Using the best rust converter or rust protection paint can significantly improve the appearance of any metal surface, especially over a long period of time. In mild to extreme environmental conditions, your metal can be protected from corrosion with Omega’s RustBlock Metal range.

Our RustBlock metal range can be applied to many surfaces around the home or in commercial and industrial areas. By applying it to the outside of storage tanks, fences, trailers and more, you can expect new-looking and corrosion and rust-free metal for years to come. In industrial areas, rust and corrosion can also eat away at a machinery’s metal parts, affecting the safety and performance of the machine’s operations.

If your sheet metal has already been sprayed or painted with an anti-corrosive or anti-rust solution, but it has been damaged since then, there is no need to purchase more sheet metal – the RustBlock Hammertone paint saves you money. As a decorative coating, it helps hide unsightly dents, scratches and joints, and can make any imperfect metal surface look brand new.

For protection against rust and corrosion, choose Omega’s rust converters and protection paints.

Omega Rustblock Hammertone is a decorative coating resembling hammered sheet metal. Camouflages imperfect surfaces and hides unsightly dents, scratches and

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Omega Rustblock Epoxy Gloss Enamel is a high performance, anti-corrosive metal finish. Rustblock Epoxy Gloss Enamel forms a tough, durable,

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Omega Rustblock Etch Primer is a single pack, quick drying, polyvinyl and zinc phosphate based etch primer for all bare

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Omega Rustblock Heavy Duty Metal Primer is a high performance, anti-corrosive metal primer. Rustblock Heavy Duty Metal Primer forms a

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Omega Rustblock Fish Oil is a deodorised transparent anti rust protective coating designed to prevent the corrosion of all metal

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Rustblock Rust Converter converts rust to stop corrosion and provides a suitable surface for subsequent priming and painting. Rustblock Rust

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Omega Rustblock Cold Gal is a zinc-rich, cold galvanising primer for long-term, extra heavy duty corrosion protection. Designed to prevent

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