Quick Dry Electro Static Enamel

Quick Dry Electro Static Enamel

Omega Electro Static Enamel is a single pack based on Styrenated and Acrylated modified alkyd. Especially formulated to be applied directly to most Iron and steel surfaces. Provides durability and gives professional end results to railings, fences, swings ornamental articles.

  • For new work or standard maintenance, furniture, doors, windows, trims, fences, stairs, railings tools, machineries, ornamental iron, piping, pool metal contours, lamp posts, etc. Suitable for new or rusted ferrous metals, steel, cast iron, steel sheet.
  • Not suitable to be used during high winds, bare surfaces of Zinc or Aluminium, on galvanized surfaces (these metals need to be primed first) or on fibreglass.

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