The Science Behind Paint

No paint is good if it’s not applied properly. This is borne out by the fact that paint in the real sense is not a finished product. Learn more about the science behind paint...

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Toll Manufacturing

As manufacturing specialists, Omega can customise operations to your wants and needs. Learn more about this service from one of our sales specialists.

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Our Services

Omega has been manufacturing industrial and household paints for over 25 years. We are dedicated to our industry and to improving our service to you.

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Coating Tips

Do you want to learn how to paint like a professional, but don’t have the time to complete any formal training? With Omega Paints’ coating tips, you can learn the trade secrets in no time. By doing it yourself, you also save money on the hiring of a professional and reallocate that money where it really matters – into quality paints.

All of our guides are easy to understand and suitable for everyone. Even if you’ve never learnt how to paint a wall or picked up a paint brush before, first time painters can learn how to paint a room in no time. For more experienced painters, check out our advanced guides. There are tips and tricks that you may not know, but could improve your technique and make completing your project more quickly and easily.

We also cover smaller projects on common paint problems, such as cracking and flaking, yellowing, chalking and more. While these require work on smaller areas and are quicker to fix than learning how to learn to paint a wall or room, they can make a significant improvement in the aesthetics of your home or business.

For all the tips and tricks that you need to become a professional painter, browse through our links on the left.


Coating Specialist

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