Exterior Paint

Achieving a high performance and beautiful exterior of your home has never been easier than with Omega Paints’ range of exterior paints. It protects your home or building from even the harshest weather and climate conditions experienced in Australia.

Paint that is exposed to large amounts of sun, is likely to cause cracking and peeling. Choosing a quality exterior paint that offers superior UV protection blocks out the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Our exterior paints also provide resistance against blistering. If your home is experiencing blistering, the surface is not beyond repair and the only solution is to remove the paint and apply a new coat of exterior paint. Our paints allow surfaces to breathe by letting water vapour pass through, preventing bubbles from forming.

Our exterior paints come in many colours to suit the colour scheme of your home or neighbourhood. With protection against the sun and being fade resistant, you can expect your home to be vibrant and full of colour for many years to come.

For a longer lasting and beautiful home that is protected from various weather conditions, look no further than Omega Paints. In a range of exterior paint colours, you will have no problem finding the right colour to suit your home.

Coating Specialist

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