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Applying a fresh new coat of paint? Before you start, it’s important to remove the old paint first. Here at Omega Paints, we have the best removers and strippers in Australia that can save you time. You can prepare surfaces for painting more effectively and efficiently than any other scraper or solution. By using a heavy duty paint stripper, or a strong solvent, such as acetone, you’ll be able to deeply penetrate the paint. This will quickly and smoothly separate from the surface, leaving you with a surface ready for priming and painting.

If you’re looking to remove old paint with ease, look no further than Omega Paints. We stock quality paint removers and strippers, all at incredibly low prices.

A heavy-duty paint and coating remover, which is non-flammable, super strong that rapidly penetrates and quickly lifts paint for easy

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Acetone is a very fast evaporating solvent with great solvency. It is recommended as a thinner for spraying application where

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