Supply & Apply’s Painting Services



What is Supply & Apply?

Omega has been manufacturing industrial and household paints for over 25 years. With a strong understanding and knowledge of the coatings industry we are dedicated in producing the best products in market.

In 2011, Omega opened a paint services division to provide Australia with a fresh new concept of Supply & Apply. We have liaised with countless tradesman over the decades and have created the best service team.

Why Choose Omega Supply & Apply?

Omega manufactures superior paints from its raw material stage all the way to the paintbrush on the wall. Not only is this a cost-beneficial solution for the consumer but also ensures complete warranty on any project, preventing the blame game between manufacturers and applicators when problems arise.


Using the right colour makes a world of a difference and Omega Paints will make sure you find it precisely!


We’re big on being exact at Omega Paints. That’s why we colour match our paint to anything and everything.

Bring in a strand of cloth or piece of metal and we will guarantee a 99.5% match to your required colour. We can then apply our important understanding of providing the right shade of colour with our assortment of technological equipment, colour matching software and machines.

If you’re not sure about the right colour for you or where you should begin, our friendly team of colour matching professionals are on hand to serve you like no other. They’re also very proficient at catering to all order sizes.

We only charge a one-off fee for formulating our tinters to match your colour and you will not be charged again for future orders. How’s that for value?



Protect the environment and yourself by having Omega Paints take appropriate care of chemical wastage disposal.

Our experienced team of staff are specifically trained to assess and manage hazardous waste streams. That’s why we specialise in the collection, removal, treatment, recycling, disposal and management services to meet your chemical wastage disposal needs at our Sydney-based waste treatment facility, including:

Paint Waste – The treatment of waste and secure destruction

Solvent – Most solvents, including gunwash and paint thinners, are recycled using distillation

Ink Wash – Both solvent and water-based washes are treated

Resin, Glue and Adhesive – Our plant uses distillation and thermal processes to ensure proper and environmentally safe destruction.

As part of our service, we provide on-site assessment and sound advice on safe handling and disposal of these waste streams.

Contact us today to see how Omega Paints can fulfil your chemical wastage disposal requirements.



Sometimes the painting world can be very technical. It’s times like these you need Omega to break it down for you!

Omega Paints takes pride in offering an advisory service to our customers. We provide technical information and explain it in a vernacular way to ensure you use the right product and know what you’re doing. We’ll even walk you through preparing and applying our products.

We also offer assistance regarding both domestic and industrial coatings. We have the experience and knowledge behind us to provide information and consultation for any project. Specifically:

  • On-site inspections
  • Removal of old coatings
  • Colour consultation
  • Safety
  • Coatings testing

Coating Specialist

Requesting a Omega Paints is simple and easy.

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