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As manufacturing specialists, Omega can customize operations to your needs and ideas.

Omega Paints provides manufacturing services to blue-chip companies. We’re certified and specialise in manufacturing paint and coatings to your unique requirements.

Do you have an idea? If so, we’re happy to cater to it and make your concepts a reality. We offer a complete package and organise raw materials, process, packaging and transport for any types of goods for your utmost convenience.

Having developed a strong rapport with many suppliers, we have cemented a strong reputation in the market and are able to keep our costs at a minimum. We therefore offer competitive per unit pricing, allowing companies to benefit from a large profit margin while we take the headache of manufacturing.

Contact us today to see how Omega Paints can fulfil your custom operations and ideas.

Coating Specialist

Requesting a Omega Paints is simple and easy.

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