Rustblock Rust Converter


Rustblock Rust Converter

Rustblock Rust Converter converts rust to stop corrosion and provides a suitable surface for subsequent priming and painting. Rustblock Rust Converter interacts with metal iron oxides, converting them into an adherent black layer that is more resistant to moisture and provide a surface for various top coatings such as latex paints and enamels. Rustblock Rust Converter chemically treats the rust, converting it into an inert compound. Using a Rustblock Rust Converter, you are adding a double layer of protection against future rusting before you even topcoat.

  • Exterior and Interior applications
  • For use on wrought iron and ferrous metal surfaces
  • Can be used on any rusty iron or steel object. It can be used on vehicles, trailers, fences & gates, iron railings and staircases, sheet metal, cast iron, outsides of tanks, etc

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